rishikakapoor February 9, 2018

Setting up an office from scratch is a huge expense. In case you hire a traditional office space, you cannot just pay on a monthly basis and opt out when there is souring of business. Instead, you will be tied down to a 2 to 5 year lease. Also, you will have to spend money furnishing the office space with items like communication systems, interior decoration and setting up of your brand.

Nowadays, you have the option of serviced offices. They are often viewed with trepidation because of high monthly fees. But you must consider the overall scheme of affairs before making a decision. A serviced office is basically a pay-as-you use space, and it comes with so many benefits that make the service a worthy investment.

Here are some top benefits of services offices and meeting rooms:


Majority of companies seeking serviced offices are looking for agreements with short term lease. Operators of serviced offices and meeting rooms rent out services on a rolling basis. This implies that the company has to pay at the end of the month for services used by it. Since they have contract lengths of such small quantum, rental prices may be more expensive. But contracts will emerge with much more facilities and services and provide freedom to businesses, in case things don’t work properly.

Access to Facilities

In case of a serviced office space, you will pay only for what you use. Apart from physical space, facilities and services like meeting rooms, copiers, net connections and clerical staff are available whenever you require them. For example, if you have an important meeting with a client and require a conference room, it is possible to hire a meeting room in Melbourne on a per-hour basis.

Testing New Markets

You can use split testing as one of the best modes to figure out which method of marketing will be best suited to your business. Using serviced offices, one can test several markets in various locations, without having to make long term investments. This implies if you are on an expansion mode and are unsure about which city to invest in, you can do trials in more than one location with very less risk and base the final decision on tangible test results.

Avoid Downtime

In case you are shifting to new premises, downtime can mostly hinder the flow of business. But serviced offices may be set up already and be ready to use. All aspects from office equipment to communication systems will be operational from the moment you set up shop in a serviced office. Thus, you can avoid downtime waiting for internet and phone companies to set up new gear or new lines.

Trained Staff and Equipment

Operators of serviced offices endeavour to maintain their technology and staff and ensure that they are of top quality. Hiring clerical staff and top line equipment needs huge investment or overheads. In case, you hire staff or equipment from a serviced office, there is no binding to any contracts and there is guarantee to high quality.

Standard Maintenance

It is an avoidable expense to spend money and time to maintain a running office. In case of serviced office, such costs of maintenance are included as part of rental fee. This saves time and money to hire cleaners, technicians, and janitors to maintain offices.

Thus, before you make an investment in an office, take care to evaluate the benefits of committing long term. A serviced office will work out cheaper and more efficient in the long run.

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