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Top 5 Streetwear Styles For Men

Streetwear styles always come and go, but the most favored ones remained. In the same vein, streetwear has been known to be for males and the younger generation but today what do we see? Men and women, young and old flashing their sneakers or ripped denim jeans for anyone who cares to look or watch.

Supreme wears just hit the $1 billion mark in the fashion industry, and it’s all down to its work on this subculture of fashion that has turned to become a mainstream staple.

Today we find people dropping their fancy shoes and perfectly fit suits for a feeling of freedom which streetwear can provide. How they can blend so quickly to the new environment depends on the type of teacher they have and what they choose to wear.The different styles involved in the street are enormous; you just have to start from somewhere like:

Bomber jackets

Made famous by Kanye West approval and even putting it on himself, this streetwear has gone on to topple some of the first few labels and subcultures we knew back then.

Kanye is a street icon for streetwear therefore whatever he endorses like bomber jackets make an instant hit. He is a trendsetter, and one of these trends is a bomber jacket.

Hoodie and sweatshirt

It won’t go away; instead, it will continue to grow. These days color mixtures have come into play a lot, and no one wants to lag behind. The use of floral to bring out exquisite design is also a trend that works very fine.

The colors also keep changing and continue to evolve if we look it from two of the most famous piece of enuki clothing used to complement Hoodie and sweatshirt are jeans and joggers.

Chelsea boots

We are all used to streetwear style coming from sneakers, canvas in the case of footwear. During that time a new type of footwear was gaining many waves from celebrities and sports stars. It was no other than the Chelsea boots.

Expensive but well worth it. It sets you apart anytime you have Chelsea boots on, which is why we love fashion. Fashion allows us to be unique and this boot does just that.


The finely cut print shirt will also never leave our fashion world. On the streets, they go with skinny sweatpants when imprinted on a T-shirt. If it wasn’t covered with a jacket or vest, it’s showing a stunning floral design. The beautiful thing about this style is that it can be worn during spring or summer.

Denim and sweats

Two of the most popular pants in the industry, they can be mixed in colors, distressed, crossed as much as you want just to give that fascinating look or pump up feeling.

Denim comes in different shades than sweatpants, no wonder it’s the most preferred pants for any piece of clothing in the industry. That is not sweatpants isn’t functional on its own; it’s just that people lean towards denim than they do sweats.

In conclusion, streetwear styles will always change, but these mentioned styles will remain in the scene.

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