Sam February 9, 2018
online cake delivery in Sikar

Planning a wedding can be exciting yet stressful but to make it all fun and better, even if just for a day, girls plan out bachelorette parties. This party is basically to symbolize your last night of being a single woman where you get to party and enjoy your day off with your closest girlfriends and sisters. This is strictly an all-girl party which means, no boys allowed! A lot of people plan extravagant bachelorette parties which can be way too expensive especially if you are already on a tight budget with your wedding and reception planning. Let’s not forget the expensive catering, dresses and jewelry as well as the hall booking fees which all adds up to a huge amount! So, how do you manage to have an affordable yet fun bachelorette party? Here are a few tips to help you out –

Book a hotel suite or villa out of the city
Usually when you book out station villas and suites, they are way more cheaper than metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. When you book a villa or hotel suite away from the city, you save up on a lot of money and most of the times, these smaller resorts actually have better service because they don’t get a lot of customers since they are far off!

Get a customized dessert option
A lot of ladies prefer getting a huge customized cake for their bachelorette party or even a set of customized cupcakes for the party. You can easily order this at any bakery in store or even online where they do online cake delivery in Sikar or any part across India. You can customize your entire cake from the flavor to the frosting as well as the design online on the website itself! How convenient is that? You not only save time but also get exactly what you want just by a few clicks online from the comfort of your living room!

Goodie bags for party favors
You don’t have to get extremely fancy coupons for salons and spas just for your bachelorette party favors. You can get customized goodie bags of cookies, chocolates, makeup and other such items which will be way more affordable! A lot of bakeries and gifting websites create customized goodie bags for parties at extremely affordable rates. You can ask the same bakery where you have ordered your online cake delivery in Sikar from for these goodie bags and they will definitely prepare one for you! Almost every bakery does this!

DIY Décor Ideas
You don’t need to pay the resort to decorate your suite and party hall because it will just become added expense that you don’t really need. Instead, you and the girls can DIY the entire decorations which will not just be super affordable but also super fun when you do it all together! This will be a fun group activity with loads of memories captured in photos and videos that you will cherish for a long time coming!

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