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rooms in Mussoorie

If hills and mountains are your idea for perfect vacation then this article might interest you a lot. Mussoorie is known as the gem hill station of Uttarakhand. It has attracted many tourists in the past and still continues to do so. This may not be new news to you. But, Uttarakhand doesn’t just have Mussoorie to offer. Uttarakhand has a number of hill stations that are quite famous and that definitely deserve your attention.

In today’s post, I am going to list out a few hill stations that Uttarakhand offers to us, including the lovely Mussoorie. So, along with looking for Mussoorie hotels 5 star,venture into the neighbouring cities too. Now you can make a list of the hill stations you want to visit along with Mussoorie.

  1. Mussoorie– The gem of Uttarakhand that has helped the government a lot with tourism industry. The breath-taking scenic beauty and the lush greenery is something you have to experience. Apart from scenic beauty it also has a lot of religious places to offer.
  2. Nainital– This hill station is also very well-known and has been a centre of attraction for quite a few years now. The weather, the scenery, and the Naini Lake makeNainital a perfect honeymoon destination too.
  3. Pangot– Since you are already hopping hill stations and have been to Nainital, then might as well go and visit the Pangot hill station too that is only 14-14 km away from Nainital. This place is quite famous for bird watching as it is said to have over 150 species of them.
  4. Abbott mount– it is at an altitude of 6400 ft above sea level and a must visit. The deodar and pine trees are the beauty of it, not forgetting the view of the Himalayan range. It is an ideal spot for trekking, bird watching and the photo fanatics are always seen here too.
  5. Almora– This is yet another hill station that is located 1638 metres above sea level. Just like the other hill stations, it has scenic beauty that will leave you mesmerised. But apart from that, it is famous for its GoluDevata and Nanda Devi temples. So, apart from sightseeing and trekking if you are in search for some peace or want to re-join your religious roots, then almora should definitely be on your list.
  6. Auli– If you are in the mood for some adventure or you love too ski, then Auliis your next place to be in! Uttarakhand has this gem of a hill station that is most famous for its skiing. If you are one of those who love chilly winters, then the best time to visit Auli would be in between January to march.

So, these were a list of 5 other hill stations that you can go to when visiting Mussoorie. So, this time don’t just look for rooms in Mussoorie. Instead get out there and explore as much as you can. I hope you love these places just as much I did.

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