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Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and this city is famous as the City of Lakes. Whether you visit this city for a business purpose or for leisure; you must not forget to visit its tourist attractions. There are plenty of diverse spots in Bhopal that can fill you with rejuvenation and charm. You can easily find a huge number of tourists scattered in Bhopal, exploring its charm.

You just need to spare a day or so for this trip, book hotel in Bhopal and explore the plethora in Bhopal. While you are exploring different places, don’t skip visiting some of its most Renowned mahals in Bhopal. Have a look below at its mahals.

Gohar Mahal

Gohar Mahal is a very famous spot to visit in Bhopal. It reflects the cultural legacy of this city of the Nawabs. The mahal is really a stunning mansion constructed in the form of a beautiful palace. The Mahal is spotted behind the popular Shaukat Mahal and it is on edge of stunning Upper Lake.  It characterizes a hypnotic mixture of Hindu and Mughal chic of architecture. The splendid palace is named after first female ruler of Bhopal, Qudisiya Begum who is also renowned as Gohar Begum.

It was under her exclusive supervision that this beautiful mahal came into existence. It was constructed in the year 1820. Both interiors and exteriors of this mahal were built with outstanding attention to detail and stood ornamented with arresting motifs, spiritual patterns and designs. This place is indeed a heaven for the historians. You must visit this mahal if you are interesting in stealing a peep of the magnificent echo of Bhopal.

Shaukat Mahal

Shaukat Mahal is built in 19th century during the rule of Sikander Begum. She was the daughter of Gohar Begum. This mahal is much admired for its stunning chic that describes a distinct combination of Indo-Islamic and European   elegances of architecture. Even after the period of two centuries, the magnificence and splendour of this historical monument remains unmatched in Bhopal.

The roof of this stunning building is decorated with a sequence of complex triangular-shaped arches and the façades have lovely patterns, reflecting artistic brilliance… indeed, it is one of the architectural miracles of Bhopal. The mahal features an attractive mixture of European and Indo-Islamic   styles of architecture.  Talking about its architecture, it is considered that this mahal was designed by a Frenchman and is thus extremely different from rest of Islamic architecture in locality.  Gothic and Post-Renaissance   styles have been blended in the formation of this palace that is apparently reflected in its architectural charm. so, one this is for sure, you are not just going to grab so much of historic information here but you are certainly going to dipped in the artistic aura for sure.

So, the point is that it is never too late to visit the spots that have been unexplored. Just check out 5 star hotels in Bhopallist and do the booking for your stay during the Bhopal trip. These mahals are absolutely enticing and will definitely make your day.

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