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Dry rot is a very problem that’s as old as vehicles. It’s very common actually that’s badly affecting the huge number of vehicle tires for many decades and it would keep on doing so until the new innovation arrives in the tire manufacturing industry. Dry rotting actually causes the spread of fungus in all over the tire. In fact, it further affect and weakens the tires for inside, which as a result, puts a negative impact upon the tyre’s performance.

If you tire has got the dry rot, don’t panic. Even though, it’s a considerable red signal as it would directly affect the tire’s performance but we can do something prevent it. So let’s dig in;

Keep it out of Sun

While the regular sun exposure won’t really do any harm to the car tyres, but the excessive exposure to the ultraviolet radiations of sun will surely lead to the dry rot your car tires. It’s not just about the car tires as any other rubber compound would be affected if excessively exposed to the sun. Therefore, it’s important to park your car in well-shaded areas. You need to be more careful if you live somewhere that has a warm climate.

Since the situations are not favorable all the time for everyone, you can simply buy the car cover that protects the entire vehicle in case you have no choice but to park your car in a sun-heavy area.

Commercial Tire Protector is Useful

Once you have done the very first thing with safe parking, now it’s time for you to think of protection. If you want your car tires to last longer, you must get along with the commercial tire protectors then. Simply apply the tire protector on your car tires once in a month and it will shield your tires from harmful UV radiations of the sun. There may stumble upon many varieties when you try to buy the good tire protector, make sure to pick the liquid one.

Depending on which water-based tire protector you picked for your car tires, the application instructions may vary. But you can apply any of those with the help of simple plain cloth. Don’t forget, apply them once in a month and it will definitely ensure the optimum protection from the harmful UV rays.

How to Treat the Dry Rot on Your Car Tires?

If you are willing to treat your car tires for the dry rot, simply invest in tire oils to lubricate. It will not only lubricate the car tires but also seal cracks on them. Regardless of which car tire brands you prefer, make sure you don’t go for the petrochemicals and silicone-based oils as these products will strip protective waxes off the tire. As a result, your car tires will be exposed to the higher levels of UV rays and end up increasing degradation rate.

As per the manufacturers’ instructions, you need to apply 2 coats of tire degreaser using a large sponge. You can easily wipe it on all parts of each tire. Then you will have to spray it with a water hose on lukewarm water in order to rinse away the degreaser, grime & dirt.


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