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There are many housewives who just love to carry out experiments in the kitchen, so as to provide good, delicious food to their family and to help them taste something new and unique. Cooking the same old menu repeatedly will only seem to be boring and uninteresting, both for the cook and those who consume it. Rather, something new and interesting is to be introduced every now and then, which will only improve the moods and also be found to be healthy and tasty.

Significance of chicken recipes

Those who are non-vegetarian at heart can try out different types of chicken recipes that are cooked across the country and even liked abroad by foreigners. Chicken is considered to be a favorite delicacy for majority of the non-veg population, be it children or adults. Besides being affordable, it is also easily available and really delicious. There are varieties of preparations that can be made with chicken. Some of delicious and easy to make chicken recipes are given below. There are also other tips for recipes in Hindi to be found at the leading sites, blogs and magazines published by housewives and industry experts.

Chicken is said to come with high calcium, carbohydrate and proteins, thus being wonderful nourishment for the body. One can prepare delicious chicken biryanis, curries, kababs, kosha, cutlets, etc. The choice is simply endless.

Some chicken recipe variety

  • North India, specially in the state of Lucknow and Punjab, chicken is considered to be the main ingredient used. Indian barbecued chicken (Murg Tandoori) can be termed to be a mouth watering delicacy that can be prepared in 15 minutes. Chicken is required to be seasoned with tandoori masala and marinated to be tasty.
  • Butter chicken or chicken makhani is another popular recipe, which boasts of having thick spice flavor and better. It does form a sumptuous meal.
  • Chicken Biryani Awadhi can be termed to be another delight popular in Lucknow, dating back to the era of the powerful Mughals. Meat and rice are cooked separated. Then they are layered, thus earning the name of ‘pakka’ biryani.
  • Chicken recipes are also cooked in South India. Hyderabadi biryani is quite popularly savored across the nation and is found to be colorful, created with rich spices. Mughlai and Telegana cuisine also has come from the Nizam’s kitchen, which has helped transform the Hyderabadi biryani which has a favorite delicacy of all biryani lovers.
  • South India is also popular for other chicken recipes which include Chicken Chettinad, a popular delicacy consumed in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. South is popular for spicy flavor and hence, this recipe can be termed to be a fiery recipe that is best consumed with paratha.
  • Chicken kebabs are also a big hit with chicken lovers, besides the biryanis and curries. It is known to serve as appetizer and also prepared along with vegetables. They are vibrant and colorful and a fabulous way to treat children, who otherwise are stated as fussy eaters.

The recipe magazine in Hindi does offer plenty of non-veg items including exotic and amazing Indian chicken recipes that can be tried out at the home.

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