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bone marrow transplantation

When a bone marrow or cord blood transplantation is done, it is only to give relief and cure to those patients who are suffering from critical diseases like lymphoma, leukaemia and sickle cell anaemia like diseases. As new age medical discoveries are happening, it is discovered that a bone marrow transplant can also lead to cure of some other critical diseases as well.

There is a list of bone marrow transplant specialist in India, who can help the patient with the procedure if they are suffering from any of the above mentioned diseases and this can be a cure to them.

Acute leukaemia or mylogeneous is a very common and cute leukaemia disease which can affect people of any age. But this mainly happens in adults. Then there is acute lymphoblastic leukaemia which mostly happens to children under the age of 15. There is another kind of leukaemia which is also known as the chronic lymphocytic leukaemia which is also primarily an adult disease. This is a rare disease to be found in children.

Apart from different types of leukaemia, there are other diseases as well which can be cured after going through the bone transplantation procedure.

Such as severe aplastic anaemia which is a very rare disease and it can affect mostly some young adults. There is also an inherited immune system disorder in some human beings which can be present right at the time of birth of an individual. This can become life threatening within the very first year if it goes untreated.

Beta thalassemia major and sickle cell disease is also an inherited disease of the red blood cells.

Krabbe disease on the other hand is very rare. This can happen during the early age. All of these rare diseases can be treated if there is a scope for bone marrow transplantation.

But bone marrow transplantation is not a very easy process to face. For that one needs months or even years of preparation. First of all one needs a donor who will provide stem cells for the one who is suffering from the disease and need the transplantation. Once the donor is confirmed, then the patient has to go under a few chemotherapy and radiology sessions so that their body can be prepared to take the procedure of bone transplantation.

In fact, the patient has to be admitted in the hospital for at least a month to take mental and physical preparation to undergo this. There is a health care team which takes care of the patient. They maintain a day to day chart of the health condition of the patient and study them to find out what kind of side effects they can face post transplantation. If there is any long term side effect, then they let the patient know about it prior the transplantation.

Best bone marrow transplant specialist in India is those who try to do the procedure leaving least possible risks for the patient. They also take after care when the transplantation is done.

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