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Momos: A delight for Every Snack Lover

Snacks make a place in everybody’s life. Whether kids or office goers, you can find snacks getting relished. People love to eat snacks when they feel little famish.  Amidst plenty of snacks one snack that is really popular these days is momos. You might have heard or tasted this dish, have you? Well, momos is a kind of South Asian dumpling that is native to Nepal and Tibet. It is quite similar to Chinese baozi, Japanese gyoza, Mongolian buuz and Korean mandu.

There are different types of momos available and people even prepare this snack at home too. You too can try out this tangy snack with the help of Momos recipe. Once you taste the tang of momos, you are definitely going to find a great scrumptiousness in this dish. Have a quick look at different types of momos below:

Fried Momos

These are the scrumptious momos that are filled with pepper flavour and cooked vegetables. These smoothly deep fried, crunchy hot momos taste absolutely incredible with mayonnaise mingled with hot chilli-garlic sauce. A single plate of momos promise a perfect crunch as the moment you take a bite. These are quite soft on the out but really filled within.

Steamed Momos

Suppose it is a cold day and it is raining cats and dogs outside. You are sitting in your living area with a plate of delicious momos.  Ah, it would be a perfect delight right? These are the half-moon shaped momos that have a dense wrapping with a delicious filling of seasonal vegetables, soy chunks and cheese. These momos taste absolutely scrumptious with cool mint chutney or even hot chilli sauce. So, whenever there is a chilling day, you must try out these momos. These are really happening.

Soup Momos

How many of you have tried out soup momos in life? Well, these soup momos can be the best thing you munch on a find day.  You can experience the presence of momos in a bowl of soup for sure.  These momos with tangy and tasty chicken broth orvegetable and piping hot momos are extra to enhance the flavour. This type of momos taste really hot and tasty. The best thing is that you get a feeling of soupy time. You feel the depth of soup and deliciousness of momos together.

Wheat Momos

Have you ever tried something like wheat momos? Do you think that momos don’t have anything good to cater your health? Well there is a perfect momo-meal for all the health conscious people. These momos are made up of wheat, so you can love as much edible treats as you wish to. You can blend these delicious momos with fiery sauces for a hot experience.

Tandoori Momos

Tandoori Momos are also type of momos that have a distinct flavour and smoky feel. These momos have attractive patterns and textures. Filled with ingredients, chicken and vegetables; the tandoori momo is a delight for foodies.

Thus, momos might be the best snack you can relish on a random day. These momos are available at restaurants, street side or you can even prepare them at home too!

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