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iDesign Lasik

Much like fingerprints, every individual’s eyes are completely unique and this is the reason there isn’t “one size fits all” approach to Lasik in Abu Dhabi. Careful mapping and treatment plan of each eye accordingly is therefore a must which is developed by surgeon or expert ophthalmologist.

The coming of iDesign technology made it possible for mapping and measuring even the most sophisticated details possible and far more effective. It’s a much advanced approach that allow optimal treatment.

The iDesign machine incorporates several types of measurements into an eye scan; high-tech corneal topography, Wavefront abberometry, autorefractometry, Keratometry and pupillometry.iDesign also offer exceptional accuracy and the potential to measure even the tiniest details of the eyes which is a highly specialised equipment to gather better results which in turn increases precision of the Lasik.

The technology can extract information of the eye at approximately 1,200 separate points within the cornea which is exterior of the eye. This information is then exploited by the ophthalmic surgeon for planning accurate treatment thereby addressing even the lease imperfection of the eye. iDesign laser treatment offer customisation allowing incredible accuracy at just a click of a button.

A careful and thorough blueprint of the eye is an outcome of the technology which is transferred in to the CG (Computer Guided) laser and identify imperfections that can be rectified accurately. iDesign is ideal for treating complex and high prescriptions due to the many details it provides.

Working of iDesign in Lasik

It’s a way to measure the eye before commencing with the actual treatment as well as ridding minor error. Because more data points are being measured, more accurate planning and assessment is possible so as to rid the concerned patient from contact lenses and eyeglasses.

iDesign consist a type of camera known as an abberometer which directs multiple beams of light to determine the imperfections in the visual system. Every eye is unique which is the reason iLASIK offers customised treatment for short and long-sightedness or astigmatism.

Lasik in Abu Dhabi refined by iDesign

In modern Lasik, a laser beam creates a thin “flap” in the cornea which is then lifted gently. Another laser then reshapes the underlying cornea thereby shaping it in the desired way. In standard Lasik, the surgeon decides the shape a cornea is to be sculpted but with iDesign, the machine recommends the better shape and solution per the patient’s eye anatomy.

It must be noted that even with all the advanced technology, iDesign isn’t a black box that tells a doctor what to and not to do for the surgeon’s expertise weighs far beyond technology. It simply coordinates a path so as to plan accurate treatment.

A safe treatment

iDesign is safest laser eye surgical procedure as can be, giving people the freedom from glasses and contact lenses in a far more precise way. The percentage of treatment for myopia following iDesign was 90-percent for 20/20, 92-percent for 20/25 and almost 99-percent for 20/40 respectively.


iDesign Lasik give wearers the freedom from contact lens and spectacle however, only after doctor’s recommendation.

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