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There are many people who prefer to make use of cowhide rugs to decorate their home. Several reasons can be cited for this, few of which are given below.

Reasons to choose cowhide floor rugs online

  • Stain resistant: These are created exclusively to be used at the outdoors. The cattle are noticed to wear them throughout the year to safeguard themselves from different types of elements and can wash off quickly.
  • One of a kind: Similar to the fact that not every person is alike, even cows do not appear to be the same. Each design can be found to be chic, unique and completely original.
  • Hypo-Allergenic: Amongst all animal skins that is owned, the cow hide has been considered by the health experts to be quite allergen friendly. Having tight pores, they are not known to allow shedding or trapping dust.
  • Add contrast: In case, the desire is to mix up and to add unexpected contrast to the streamlined modern room, then using cowhide rug is sure to appear cool.
  • Extremely durable: When it comes to wear and tear, cowhide rugs are found to be extremely tough and hence, durable and long lasting. Moreover, the ultra-short fur is sure to keep even its shape even when trampled by children and pets.
  • Appears great with all color schemes: This particular rug is considered to be a versatile one when trying to match the right color scheme. It can be thrown to almost any type of color that is desired to fit in the room.
  • Soften the space: The cowhide rug’s unique lines tend to soften up the space as it has strong lines.
  • Fabulous conversation starters: It is without doubt that appearing expensive, unique, beautiful and amazing, such type of rugs can definitely surprise the guests as they enter the dining room, where it is used. There are numerous questions that might be asked by the guests and indeed form the fun element of the décor.
  • Not just meant for the floors: Cowhide is not just used only as a rung, but also can be hung from the wall to cover stains, drape it over chair’s back or throw it over the banister. Each one is sure to be found a stunning option.
  • Naturally warm: similar to other animals, the cow coat’s is said to be created to keep it warm during winter months. It is also warm and self insulated on the feet. One can be placed by the bedside for absorbing cold shocks during midnight on hardwood floor.

It will be useful to select designer rugs online that suits perfectly the room so that it can appear beautiful and natural. The rug’s color and texture does lend excellent details to accent every room in the home. It can also add that eclectic style and hint of art to any modern home. Besides all this, they are sure to work perfectly in homes having the aged, pets and children.

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