rishikakapoor February 13, 2018

What a thrill searching for an ideal diamond for the engagement ring you’ve been daydreaming of? Make sure you include the initials GIA in your search. They represent the Gemological Institute of America and it’s your assurance of a fully evaluated and documented diamond. Established in the 1930’s, the organisation became the world leader in diamond assessment. Primary in its activities was the establishment of the Diamond Grading Report,quickly becoming the industry benchmark for gem stone appraisal.

By selecting a diamond that has gone through this stringent process, buyers and wholesalers alike can be confident of the vital characteristics of a stone.Choosing a stockist of GIA diamonds is a sure fire way to be confident in your purchase. Companies of distinction will elect to trade in these certified diamonds to assure their customers of full disclosure about their purchase. The renowned jewellery manufacturer Kush Diamonds select these stones for their creations and assist clients in choosing the most appropriate option for their purpose and budget. Each diamond is accompanied with a certificate from the GIA with full details on its cut, clarity, carat and colour. This complete analysis gives purchasers the full story of a stone they are considering and helps create a trusting partnership between them and their wholesaler or jeweller.

Under this process, GIA diamonds are fully assessed before being set into a piece of jewellery. Evaluation whilst the stone is loose allows its aspects to be fully assessed from all angles. Kush Diamonds view this information as a vital element in the buyers’ journey of choosing their perfect diamond. Being in full possession of the facts prior to making a significant purchase provides confidence in their decision.

With the ongoing popularity of diamonds, the world’s love affair with these dazzling stones shows no sign of slowing down. They are still the gemstone of choice to express love and commitment. A thorough and independent evaluation process offers buyers and wholesalers a guarantee and creates an environment of trust. For most people, a diamond is a significant purchase so due diligence is an important part of protecting this asset. Ensuring that adequate insurance is obtained is an important aspect when protecting the jewellery item against unforeseen or unwanted events. The GIA documents are a helpful reference point for evaluation of a ring and often requested by insurance companies. Additionally, each stone has a unique laser inscribed code that can provide easy identification should that be necessary.

Finally, take the time to enjoy the journey that creating your own ring entails. Whilst it can feel overwhelming as you sift through the designs, metals and diamonds, it’s also pretty exciting to build a ring that expresses your individuality and relationship. The finest jewellers provide a free of charge diamond viewing to enable you to evaluate the options. They do not expect you to be gemmologists, so relax and bring your sense of adventure to the occasion! The experts will lead you through the process and answer your questions along the way.

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