admin March 15, 2018

Leukaemia is a type of cancer that starts from blood forming tissue bone marrow. In this condition the production of abnormal white blood cells which usually help the body to fight infection is increased to a great extend.  It is notion that Leukaemia is a condition prevalent in kids but the reality is different. It […]

admin February 5, 2018

Modafinil – also known as Provigil – has been around for the past 17 years. It has also been marketed in over 20 countries to treat disorders such as chronic fatigue. Modafinil fortifies reaction time and memory increases vigilance and decreases fatigue while fortifying mood and motivation. In fact, it’s so effective that governments around […]

rishikakapoor January 23, 2018

The dynamic super drink tea has loads of health benefits. The refreshing hot tea if consumed daily is beneficial for your eyes and reduces the risk of glaucoma. With flavours that will supercharge your day and takes care of your heart and vision apart from having cancer-fighting properties, you will surely enjoy this pure energy […]

Avlin Roy January 22, 2018

Finding a good job in today’s world is really a very difficult task as we are not able to find the good opportunity. And, if you are a healthcare professional, you need to be more sincere while moving towards any new healthcare platform. A healthcare field needs both a practical and theoretical knowledge, so you […]

admin January 17, 2018

The most important thing for everyone is health. If your body and health is in good shape, you can lead an effective and healthy lifestyle.  There are many people who are told to restrict their habit of eating sweets or sugary items. Of course, it is not at all an easy task to stay away […]

admin January 17, 2018

If you are someone who practices yoga, then you will know about the positive changes it brings into your life and health. Even if you do not practice yoga, you would have heard about the various benefits of the ancient practice that has huge benefits to the human life. This age old practice has become […]

admin January 15, 2018

Steroids are chemical compounds, which hold four rings and arranged in a particular order. There are four common steroids namely, testosterone, cholesterol, dexamethasone, and estradiol. Each chemical compound or steroid plays a vital role in the metabolism of human body. The roles vary from the proper regulation of reproductive system to the prevention of inflammation. […]

admin December 21, 2017

Surgeries are complex and the prospect of having one might seem to be daunting. However, if need be and if that is the medical course of treatment that is advised by our doctor, then that is what people generally have to go for. Well, if you are facing the prospect of having a knee replacement […]

admin December 18, 2017

The nerves system is an important part of the human body as it is only because of this system one can walk and do a number of things. Paralysis results in loss of muscle functioning. It affects the body by the loss of movement of muscles due to which one cannot move the part at […]

admin December 13, 2017

Quite a few health rewards towards the omega 3 supplements are available and the one, that is greater than the whole parcel, might be the fish oil omega 3 supplements, which have high health rewards that has been researched and proved scientifically. Its prizes should not be passed up a major opportunity for and because […]

admin November 15, 2017

Much like fingerprints, every individual’s eyes are completely unique and this is the reason there isn’t “one size fits all” approach to Lasik in Abu Dhabi. Careful mapping and treatment plan of each eye accordingly is therefore a must which is developed by surgeon or expert ophthalmologist. The coming of iDesign technology made it possible […]

admin November 9, 2017

Flatulence, indigestion after drinking milk or eat dairy products, followed by diarrhea are the symptoms of lactose intolerance phenomenon. Not only children but according to estimates, about 75% of the post-adolescent population suffer from lactose intolerance. This is an alarming number. In addition to creating unpleasant symptoms for patients, lactose intolerance affects the health of […]

admin November 2, 2017

When a bone marrow or cord blood transplantation is done, it is only to give relief and cure to those patients who are suffering from critical diseases like lymphoma, leukaemia and sickle cell anaemia like diseases. As new age medical discoveries are happening, it is discovered that a bone marrow transplant can also lead to […]