rishikakapoor February 12, 2018

The task of marketing for even the most astute businessman is fraught with confusion. When it comes to the brass tacks, marketing is all about communication. It involves building of relationships, refining ideas and helping businesses advance towards their final goal of success.

A business which does effective communication with customers, ensuring that they feel heard and appreciated will create a solid relationship in which everyone emerges as a winner. Hence it is vital that all businesses possess at least one method of marketing which is simple to use, cost effective and an option that sets the right mood. The solution for this is simple- SMS!

Here are some reasons why SMS is ideal for marketing:

  • Easy to use and simple

SMS messaging platform permits you to incorporate SMS into your business via a CRM, which provides you the ability to dispatch different messages to various customers or in bulk.

SMS is a communication platform to tailor sharp and short messages of marketing content to hundreds of customers, all at the same time from same platform. SMS is not out-dated technology; it is the most effective and efficient way to contact your customers.

  • Affordable

In comparison to other channels of marketing, SMS is extremely affordable. There is no need for a team of creative geniuses to create superlative graphics. With SMS, you can plan and execute a simple campaign. Thus you can control how much you want to spend based on budget and messaging needs.

From the perspective of a business, SMS is a great modality of communication, which will always be there, delivering your message to the proper target, when you require it. It is effective, reliable and reaches your customers when required. Using an online text message, you can target many customers at once.

  • Efficient and effective

 SMS is a communication method which you cannot ignore. It boasts an amazing opening-rate of 97% and engagement levels of over 40%. The effectiveness of SMS makes other competing media like e-mails, phone calls and social media look ineffective and sluggish.

  • Preference of customers

There are very less SMS messages that you receive but don’t read or engage with. 75% of people in fact, say they would prefer business to communicate with them via coupons, SMS, links to mobile optimized pages and notifications.

With simple click of a button, companies which use SMS the proper way make lives of customers easier and more organized. Consider discount coupons, sales offers, delivery updates and appointment reminders.

  • Reach customers 24x 7

Mobile devices are carried by most people 24×7. Being attached to the hips, it is easy to contact them at just the right time. Hence it is the perfect way to get location and time sensitive information to your customers.

Take the case of an airline which wishes to convey details of a delayed flight to passengers. Phone connections may be hazy and e-mails may get caught in spam filters. SMS is the best solution for simple and cost effective mode of communication for businesses of all sizes.

In sum, the benefits of SMS for your business are truly extensive. In the form of a communication tool, SMS has the power to alter the way business engages with customers.

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