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Canada Visa

In the present scenario, Canada is one of the preferences when it comes to migrating to other countries. So, before you apply to Canada, make sure to get as much information about it as possible. Thoroughly go through multiple websites and keep logging back to check for updates, if any. To help you get started on your way to get a Canada Visa, given below is a list of some of the different types of Canada Visas that you can apply for are –

  1. Express Entry

It basically involves Immigration as a skilled worker. The Canadian government screens through the applicants approve those as permanent residents who have to ability to settle in Canada on the basis of their skill set and contribute to the growth of the Canadian economy.

  1. Quebec-selected skilled workers

This concerns the immigration as a skilled worker in the province of Quebec. Since, Quebec has an agreement with the Government to oversee immigration to its area, they have their own rules to approving immigration here.

  1. Start-up Visa

This allows Immigration by starting a business and creating jobs. Those Immigrant entrepreneurs, who have the skills and potential to start their own businesses which promises to create jobs and compete on the global forum are given precedence here.

  1. Immigrant Investors

This is Immigration by investing in the Canadian economy. Apply through Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) Pilot Program to get immigration approval through this category.

  1. Self-employed

This allows for the applicant to be able to immigrate to Canada as a self-employed person in cultural or athletic activities, or as a farmer. This is also a credible status for immigration purposes.

  1. Family sponsorship

Through this one can sponsor relatives, including spouse, partner, children, parents, grandparents, and others to immigrate to Canada and be able to live, study and work there once they get the permanent residence of Canada.

  1. Provincial nominees

This involves immigration by being nominated by a Canadian province or territory. Most provinces and territories in Canada can approve immigrant application through Provincial Nominee Program provided that they have the skills to be integrated in that particular province and contribute to its economic development.

  1. Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Under this a foreign skilled worker or a foreign graduate can be hired. The immigrant can engage with how the pilot helps the Atlantic region.

  1. Caregivers

Through this one can Immigrate by any one of the three programs – Caring for Children Program, Caring for People with High Medical Needs Program, and Live-in caregiver program.

  1. Refugees and Asylum

Through this the applicant can apply for either the refugee status from within Canada itself, or find out how to come to Canada as a refugee and sponsor a refugee or find refugee services in Canada.

There a lot of other categories through which you can apply, provided you meet the eligibility requirements. Make sure you research about Canada Visa in detail, in order to be able to apply to Canada.

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