rishikakapoor February 14, 2018

Understand what telesales and telemarketing is? We live in digital era, where every businessman needs some digital platforms in order to generate higher revenue, more leads or to increase traffic. Telesales and Telemarketing also providing some best platforms in order to achieve great success in the market. It is the activity of selling product or […]

rishikakapoor February 13, 2018

What a thrill searching for an ideal diamond for the engagement ring you’ve been daydreaming of? Make sure you include the initials GIA in your search. They represent the Gemological Institute of America and it’s your assurance of a fully evaluated and documented diamond. Established in the 1930’s, the organisation became the world leader in […]

rishikakapoor February 12, 2018

The task of marketing for even the most astute businessman is fraught with confusion. When it comes to the brass tacks, marketing is all about communication. It involves building of relationships, refining ideas and helping businesses advance towards their final goal of success. A business which does effective communication with customers, ensuring that they feel […]

rishikakapoor February 9, 2018

Setting up an office from scratch is a huge expense. In case you hire a traditional office space, you cannot just pay on a monthly basis and opt out when there is souring of business. Instead, you will be tied down to a 2 to 5 year lease. Also, you will have to spend money […]

rishikakapoor February 8, 2018

There are many organizations out there that interact with a great audience in their day today life. There are even groups who have a good fan following. If you feel that your work and talent will keep you in the spotlight always, then you are wrong. You have to stay constant in developing your ways. […]

rishikakapoor January 23, 2018

The dynamic super drink tea has loads of health benefits. The refreshing hot tea if consumed daily is beneficial for your eyes and reduces the risk of glaucoma. With flavours that will supercharge your day and takes care of your heart and vision apart from having cancer-fighting properties, you will surely enjoy this pure energy […]