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 leukaemia treatment in india

Leukaemia is a type of cancer that starts from blood forming tissue bone marrow. In this condition the production of abnormal white blood cells which usually help the body to fight infection is increased to a great extend.  It is notion that Leukaemia is a condition prevalent in kids but the reality is different. It attacks adults more as compared to the kids. Nothing can be done to avoid leukaemia. Rise in the number of white blood cells lead to this problem. These extra blood cells do nothing but cause problems in the body.

Symptoms of Leukaemia

There are usually two types of Leukaemia. These are

  • Acute leukaemia- This leukaemia is very much similar to flu. The symptoms start in few days or weeks.
  • Chronic Leukaemia- In this type of leukaemia there are usually a few symptoms or sometimes no symptoms at all. With the passage of time these symptoms start creeping in. People complain of not feeling well when they suffer from this kind of Leukaemia.

There are a few other symptoms of leukaemia. It is advisable that you consult a doctor if you face any of the below listed symptoms.

  • Tiredness
  • Weight loss and loss of appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Vision problem

These are some of the symptoms of Leukaemia. If you experience these symptoms then call for a doctor.

Causes of Leukaemia

There is no reason behind leukaemia but you should remember that

  • It is not a contagious disease
  • It cannot be inherited from parents to children

Some risk factors involved are

  • This disease is mostly common in older people
  • It usually occurs in males
  • It is not a genetic disease
  • Large exposure to chemicals and radiation increase the chances of leukaemia.
  • People with bone marrow disorders can be infected by this disease.

Diagnosis of leukaemia

Leukaemia can only be confirmed by blood tests although doctors can predict the disease on basis of symptoms. The bone marrow of infected person is taken so as to confirm leukaemia and the type of leukaemia he is suffering from. A series of special tests are done for the same. Chest X ray is done to find out any swelling in the lymph node or some other affected area. Blood tests are done to check for problems in liver. In some types of Leukaemia sample of the fluid of the brain and spinal cords are also taken. Repeated blood tests and scans are done to check how the person is responding to the treatment.

Treatment of leukaemia

 leukaemia treatment in india is done by asking the patient to participate in clinical trial. These trials help to find out the best suited treatment for you. However some of the ways of treating leukaemia are

  • Chemotherapy- Steroids are used in this along with chemotherapy for treating lymphoid leukaemia.
  • Radiation therapy is used for stem cell transplant
  • Targeted therapy help in finding out and killing leukaemia cells
  • Biological therapy uses immune system to kill leukaemia cells
  • Stem cell transplant is used in case of young patients. This therapy uses a person’s own cells or from some donor. This is done in case of acute leukaemia when it is not cured from chemotherapy also.

Lukemia treatment in india can be done from the above listed methods.


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