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Most of us use personal cars to get around.However, not all car owners savvy when it comes to understanding how a car works and what should be done to keep them working.Of course this is nothing to be ashamed of as maintaining a car by yourself is not always that simple.For the owners of the new cars that are still in the warranty, you can simply take your car to your manufacturer and it will do all the work for you. So here are a few things that all the car owners should pay attentions to when it comes to their personal cars.

Tire Inflation

A car needs to have adequately inflate the tires to make the most out of its mileage.When refilling tires with air, be sure to set the air pump pressure according to the manufacturer’s recommendations located on the sticker on the driver’s side door.

Car Service Manual

A car service manual usually provides information such as how often you need to change your engine oil and transmission fluid.In most cars, you can check the level of oil in your car engine by simply checking the dipstick. It’s usually yellow in color.You can check the level of transmission fluid in your car using a different dipstick.Which is red in color.

It is locatedtowards the bottom off the engine compartment. A good indication of when transmission fluid needs to be change this when it changes color from red to dirty brown.

Spark Plug

The spark plug is a tiny hidden component that’s an important part of the car’s ignition.Whenever you have problems starting your car, it an indication that your spark plug has worn off over time and needs to be replaced. Make sure to grab the durable spark plugs can last quite long and do not need to be replaced still often.

Car Battery

Checking how much energy is left in a car battery involves the use of a device called a multimeter. Most often, we have to take out cars to the mechanic in order to have those checks. As per the manufactures, it’s better to have them checked at least once a year.


It’s really hard to tell when your car brakes need maintenance. But still there are a few symptoms that can help you identify if there’s anything wrong with your car brakes or not. Most common symptoms are the squealing brakes, longer braking distance or just a general feeling that you get while driving that that brakes are not performing as good as they should. In that case, the best idea is to have your mechanic or some good car service Dubai look at it thoroughly.

Air Filter

The air filter is responsible of the efficient airflow as well as the overall performance. This is not really an expensive part, which is quite easy to replace. When you feel that you vehicle is not performing as well as it used, then it’s the time to get it replaced by the professional car service Dubai.


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