Ravish Kumar April 3, 2018
6 Reasons You Should do Yoga Teacher Training

For those who seek the inner meaning of life, Yoga shows the path. Yoga is a structured approach to discovering the inner self. It has come down through the generations, attaining refinement at every stage, until now it is a potent force ready for you. It is simple to learn because it is more than a thousand years old; people have kept learning it since the olden times.

Get good control over your health and thoughts

This is the sister branch of Ayurveda, the Indian system of medicine that is many thousands of years old. It existed alongside the Chinese and Greek systems of medicine and has a huge following for its efficacy. The basis of Yoga is the control of the mind and thereby rectifying the body process.

Teach the Yoga skills to your friends and family

You do not have to get special skills or learn a new language to learn Yoga. Most of the exercises are processes with a natural flow. Your family can absorb the essence by watching you practice Yoga asanas. Soon, they will have the skills by doing what you do in the structured way. By telling it to them, you get skill in teaching Yoga so you become a Yoga teacher by joining the course for yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India.

Sustained personal source of income

By teaching Yoga, you can get a source of income. Like all fields of education, Yoga is also a growing field. There will always be a growth of new students, and so you can start a school. You must become a qualified instructor first. For this, there are many schools and ashrams where you can get the certification. 

Get the peace of mind

Yoga teaches you the mantras for yogic living. You learn to create positive vibrations and sustainable energy by chanting mantras. There are different kinds of gestures in Yoga that help you deal with the physical obstructions and stress. The science of breathing helps you achieve full control over the body and mind. The different asanas help to ease the body tensions and makes the mind resolute.

Cure maladies after advanced training

Advanced Yoga practice helps you cure ailments such as colds, fevers, and headaches. It also helps you deal with complicated medical problems such as diabetes, heart conditions, spine complaints, and more. Yoga teachers who have finished their foundation course can apply for and learn the advanced courses that teach them all these things. You can check out yoga school in Rishikesh because you have the best schools there.

Great learning atmosphere

The yoga schools are mostly located in a wonderful mountainside location where you have fresh air and absolute peace. It enhances the learning process and helps the mind absorb more things in a short period. All students get into this learning mood as this is nurtured by the teachers at the ashram. 

The course covers Hatha yoga and meditation. You also learn pranayama, the science of breathing. By learning the bandhas and asanas, you get complete control over your mind and body. They teach you the connection of yoga to the anatomy and physiology of our body.

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